Once our structural surveyor or engineer has confirmed that your house foundations need to be underpinned, possible after a period of monitoring, they will be able to tell you more about the type of underpinning that is best for your particular situation. It involves stages like Excavation, Preparation, Reinforcement, infilling and repairing the building.

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Underpinning a house is a method of strengthening the foundation of an existing building or other structure.

When is underpinning needed?

Under pinning is required when the original foundation is not strong enough to support the house which includes causes like:

  • Footing being constructed on loose soil or uncompacted fill
  • The original structure has changed
  • Change in soil overtime
  • Tree roots being close to the foundations or tree removal
  • Poor drainage or broken pipes

The first signs that underpinning is required include:

  • External cracked bricks
  • Internal cracks in plaster
  • Gaps between the window and walls
  • Unlevel floor
  • Jammed doors and windows
  • Cracked flooring, slab or tiles

Repair process:

Stage 1: Holes formed in the wall to receive steel or precast concrete stools

Stage 2: Stools inserted and pinned to the soffit of brickwork over the opening

Stage 3: Brick work between pined tools removed to leave wall supported on pined stools

Stage 4: Reinforcement fabricated and placed around pinned stools

Stage 5: Formwork erected and beam cast

Stage 6: Formwork removed, beam allowed to cure before being pinned to the underside of the wall