All houses are different and are built on ground with different soil conditions which is why every house will display deterioration in different ways. If failed stumping is left untreated, the end result can be partial or total collapse of the structure. Unipin Victoria will be the best company providing you the professional Re-stumping service.

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Unipin is one of the best House Restumping Company in Victoria for concrete, steel or wooden stumps. As leaders in the construction field with over 19 years of experience, we pride ourselves in delivering quality craftsmanship and client satisfaction. This is why all of our services are carried out in the fastest and most effective manner possible, so as not to disrupt your vital routine for any longer than necessary.

There are some questions to consider:

  1. Are your doors or windows not closing properly?
  2. Is your floor sloping in one direction or more?
  3. Are you thinking of renovating?

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions then chances are your property needs stump work. In nearly all cases, it is possible to repair house stumps without completely replacing them. Similarly, this usually means Re-stumping them with your choice of concrete, steel or timber stumps depending on your home’s foundation. Today’s house stumps are made to a much better standard and are constructed to withstand the harsh climate of Australia.

When Re-stumping your house you can choose from any of the following quality building products:

  • New concrete stumps are prefabricated and reinforced in 25mpa concrete
  • Steel stumps are Supa-galvanised or for further protection can be hot dipped galvanized
  • New wooden stumps are treated with an Arsenic solution which makes them resistant to termites, water and rotting

What about the Cost?

The stability and functionality of your home’s foundation is very important and crucial part. Unipin can often be the key to save your home from dangerous or even catastrophic collapse in certain areas. The cost of those repairs and the inconvenience is unimaginable with the discomfort, time consuming and repairs it will take.

The benefits of House Re-stumping far outweigh the costs, so don’t delay any longer. Re-stump your house with Unipin Victoria today.

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